Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Things to come?

Here's a little preview of what I hope are things to come. I'm sketching around right now to see in what direction I want to go. Let me know what you think!


countfunkula1 said...

Wow, Rickart, cool stuff! And thanks for checking out my new blog. This is great stuff. What I like about it is it doesn't look like anyone else. You know how people always say, "It reminds me of so and so..." Your look is unique. Great work. I know my stuff is very Searle influenced lately, but It's on purpose. I know I'm ripping him off. ("trying to start with him and branch out from it" sort of thing). Keep up the great work. I dig your vision.

Skribbl said...

Love it! Sketches in the raw are tasty! *eats them like Cookie Monster*