Tuesday, February 28, 2006


A new strip! This is a Sci-Fi adventure called "Tux" that I hope will be fun, exciting and have a lot more action than the last strip did! This one is being drawn on paper rather than a computer tablet which will, believe it or not, make it much quicker... and perhaps prevent a lot of gaps between strips. Lemme know what you think!


Skribbl said...

Cool! Intriging! I like how you're trying out different strips. This feels very good to me. I likes sci-fi!

So since you're doing them in pencil, do they take less time or what?

rickart said...

Yes! I did 5 days worth in about half the time it took the Creeple stuff. Doing them together is helping with continuity as well.

Now I just need to post tonight's page...