Sunday, May 21, 2006


Page 42. I can't say I'm happy about the way that Blogger seems to be handling images suddenly. I may need to tinker with the way I set up my strips a bit so that they work with the new system better.

You maybe asking yourself "what happened to the action in this strip?" Rest assured, it's just around the corner.


Tom Moon said...

I'm still here following the strip! Just to give you some feedback, I don't feel the necessity to start in on the action right away again. And in this context, by "action" I mean "shooting".

I'm enjoying the plot advances and character development. For instance the revelation about the "Stirsman" ship and the map holds my interest just as effectively as the shooting scenes, if not more so.

If the shooting does start up again soon I'm hoping there will be some big twist to the way the action is played this time around to distinguish it from the last fight.

For instance what comes to mind for me is that scene in the first Indiana Jones where the big, sword-wielding guy comes out of the crowd to challenge Indiana and Jones just pulls his gun and shoots him down. It violated all your expectations but was completely logical.

A Fan

rickart said...

Thanks a lot Tom. One of the biggest challenges in the writing part of the strip is avoiding clich├ęs. I struggle very hard to avoid all the typical phrases that you are likely to find not only in pulp-y sci fi, but adventure stories of all stripes. Most of the time I feel like I'm only mildly successful.

I do feel like I have some interesting surprises and twists in store for the loyal reader. I'm glad you are hanging in there!

It's hard to have a lot of depth to a story that is being told so incrementally, but one of the advantages I have over the old fashioned adventure/serial style newspaper strips is that I don't feel compelled to recap the previous day's developments in the current day's strip. That sort of story telling effectively kills 1/3 of the amount of story you can tell in a day. Since you can re-read any portion of the story any time you like, I just continue the story every day from the first panel.

Also, I'm happy to hear that you like story development that doesn't require people shooting at each other. I fret about the non-action sequences being dull to anyone but me, so it's good to hear that those sections also hold your interest.

Tom Moon said...

Yes, Your posted comment told me you were probably feeling an invisible pressure from your audience to get some action in there. But rest assured the sharing of neat ideas is just as interesting as the fisticuffs. In fact fisticuffs are only interesting in that they represent the clash of ideas. I think even younger, more action-oriented readers feel that way even though they may not be fully conscious of it. Looking forward to future installments!