Thursday, June 01, 2006

If you want something done right...

Page 50! I've done 50 of these little strips! I'm just beside myself! I'm pretty pleased that I've kept up with it so long... and I show no signs of stopping. Work is calming down a little bit, so I feel like I have a little more mental energy to devote to the strip.

I hope that there are folks out there who are reading and enjoying the strip. It's fun to do and I'll keep on doing it anyway, but I'd love hear any feedback that anyone might have.

Thanks for coming and keep on coming back!


Tom Moon said...


May 28 - Had a bit of trouble visually interpreting this strip, possibly because there was nothing human for reference in it and no narration or dialogue.

May 30 - A nice trick and good change of tone to contrast with the earlier conflict.

June 1 - Ha ha. That was very funny! "Um, I can't reach the control."

I recently re-read every strip from the beginning, and when read in one long continuous session the overall pacing is very good. It's funny but it takes on a different face from when it's read over the course of many weeks.

Derek Becker said...

Hey Rick,

Sorry for the slow response back. That is so ambitious of you to draw your own book. You make the rest of us lazy artist look bad.

It looks like a lot of fun as well.
I've heard it said that comic book artist are the most well rounded artists. You need to know story telling, cinematography, architecture, Lighting and on and on.

Could you put a group strips together on one page so I don't have to:)

Thanks for sharing the link.

rickart said...

Tom- Yes, I wonder what is was like to read Flash Gordon or Prince Valiant at the daily pace of a single strip a day. I've only read them in compilations.

Yes, the 28th is an odd one... and the 30th could have used an exterior shot of the ship to show some damage or something. I feel like it's not entirely clear if there was an explosion or just a big energy discharge or what. Perhaps the fact that after I drew the 28th strip I wasn't so sure myself if I wanted the ship to be physically damaged or not played into it a bit.

I've been kicking around the thought that one way to make a villain more impressive is to show that he is more competent than the people around him. I also like the idea that a culture based on slavery might make the general population a bit dim.

Derek! Thanks a bunch for coming by! It's very cool to see you here. Let me know how all the guys at BR are doing! Todd's doing a great job at Turbine.

Now that I have a bunch of strips "in the can" as it were, it's tempting to start thinking about how to package them for sale. I have no plans but I am mulling over some ideas.

Thanks for coming by and come back real soon!