Monday, February 26, 2007

Jackmike Moves into Action!

Tux continued:
The shadow of Maelstrom's ship swallows up Tux's crew and the farmers alike. The farmers are so distracted by the sight that Jackmike cannot pass up the opportunity to take charge of the situation. He leaps aboard the farmer's skiff, nabs their gun and shoves them off all in one deft move. Other skiff's pour out of Maelstrom's ship and Tux encourages the crew to climb about the commandeered hovercraft and hightail it from the huge threat. Jackmike mutters under his breath that he's tired of running and moves the skiff to intercept Maelstrom's men.


Tom Moon said...

Ah, great action shot! But didn't Jakemike's name used to me Jackmike?

rickart said...

Yes... it's a typo

rickart said...

Fixed. Thanks for pointing that out!