Saturday, January 13, 2007

Readers Digest

Because of overwhelming demand (both of the people who look at this site asked for it!), I am going to give little bits of the Tux story in a format that I can sort of keep up with. This won't be a daily thing, but just something that I will do as I have time and the inclination.

So, when we last saw our heroes, they had made a hole in an asteroid for a mysterious purpose. That purpose was to make an ablative shield for the Toad so that they could safely enter the planet's atmosphere. But as they enter the atmosphere, cracks form in the asteroid and it breaks apart!

Stay tuned for what happens next!


Tom Moon said...

Love the addition of color, especially the use of colored line. Glad you are continuing the story in this fashion, going from comic book to children's book. Plus I learned the word "ablative".

rickart said...

I had a great but totally impractical class in college called "Man In Space", where we studied the history of humans in space. It was a pretty cool class, with field trips to places like Vandanberg Air Force Base and Edwards... I saw the Galelio Jupiter probe being build, as well as a few of Shuttles (Discovery, Enterprize and Atlantis, as I recall). That's where I learned the term "Ablative shield".