Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This was done on my IPhone with the Sketchbook app. Out of all the iterations of Godzilla out there, I think this one resembles the old Aurora model version... except that this one has atomic breath.


Deane D said...

Wow! You did this on your iphone?

Do you like the sketchbook app better than the brushes app ?

Davis Chino said...

Love it--and I love that original, cro-magnon Godzilla look. As a kid, I preferred the leaner, later version, and felt ripped-off when I was finally able to see first Godzilla flick and realized (1) couldn't see much in B&W, (2) he looked like prehistoric-man version of the Godzilla I loved and (3) where were the monster enemies?!

"Where is Ghidrah (sp?)? Why does everyone think Godzilla's the bad guy? This movie is all messed up..."

I appreciate the first one now that I am an adult. And there's a rawness in the first model that really works. Clunky 'zilla.

Rickart said...

Deane: Yes, now that I've figured it out I like Sketchbook better. I just wish it had an eyedropper... perhaps it does and I just haven't found it yet. I should probably do an internet search to see what I can dig up.

I just bought a Pogo stylus and tried it out for the first time today... it works pretty well. It's not as pointy as a DS stylus, but it works better than my finger for drawing.

Marty: I have the recent DVD of the original Gojira with both the American/Raymond Burr version and the Japanese version with subtitles. I love that movie... it is so rough and unrelentingly grim. I wonder how many Japanese films pivot on a dark male character having a change of heart after listening to a female or child sing?