Sunday, February 12, 2006

Page 16... Sunday color funnies! More important than ever when there's a blizzard outside. Almost froze my fingers off when I snow-blowed the driveway... and I'll need to do it again when the storm is over. Whew! Happy Sunday!


Skribbl said...

Don't freeze your fingers off!!! Then you won't be able to continue the wonderful world of "Creeple!" Do what I do, make one of your kids do it.

Skribbl said...

OOps hit the reply button too soon. Crunchbucket, HA! Pretty colors...oooh!

rickart said...

Thanks, Skribbl! The kids might have some trouble pushing the snow blower... it's powered, but it still takes some strength to turn it.

I had to do it again this morning but it wasn't nearly as cold, so my fingers are still intact.